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The ultra talented Marc Jacobs is dabbling in makeup these days. WWD recently reported that the designer is currently working on a beauty line with Sephora. Jacobs had this to say about his upcoming color line, “I see makeup, fragrance — everything, really — as an opportunity. The idea of choosing a color for your lip, or an eyeliner — it’s just such a delight. The ritual of waking up and making those choices is something people really enjoy. We currently are working on defining what Marc Jacobs cosmetics will be, what they’ll say, what makes them distinctive. I think that will take some time, but the first meeting was good.”

No launch date has been set yet but we will keep you updated.

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Images via WILDFOX 

I came across these WILDFOX COUTURE  lookbook photos a bit ago but though it appropriate to share them here on day 1 of Coachella. To tune in and stream all of the live Coachella madness happening in the dessert right now click here.

All of these suits and more are available here or here.

The Fashion Drug


Their are so many bathing suit trends right now … which one will you wear to Coachella? All of these swimmers pair well with festival gear and look great under your favorite pair of cutoffs.


Shop the styles  below.


The Fashion Drug

After a VERY productive day of men’s suit shopping and wedding party outfitting I too need to do some retail therapy of my own. I’ve been on the hunt for a tiny yet funky business card holder for a minute but haven’t found anything that has really caught my eye, until I remembered Comme Des Garcons special edition metallic collection. I got it in my head that I had to have it and couldn’t stop scouring the internet until it was safely in my shopping cart (it sounds a lot worse when I say it out loud like this, but it’s the truth). Anyway, once I narrowed down the exact style I was after, I must have come across 4 or 5 false alarm sites … sites advertising they had my wallet but as soon as you go to check out it’s “OUT OF STOCK.” I say all of this to say … I got it! I literally ordered the very last Comme Des Garcons Metallic Zip Around wallet in Orange/Green from OTTE !

If you are equally obsessed with this collection, here are some styles that are actually in stock.


PS This collection has been around for a bit so it’s no big surprise it’s SOLD OUT everywhere.



All of your favorite red bottoms by Christian Louboutin will be on exhibit at the Design Museum in London starting March 28th – July 1st. This retrospect celebrates the artistry of high fashion shoes and showcases key styles and inspirations over the past 20 years.