Customizing Diamond Accessories: Withstanding the Test of Time and Trends

Jewelry is considered the top fashion accessory of all time. During the reign of various monarchies across Europe, it was also a symbol of wealth and power. Its timeless appeal ultimately gained a following from almost every age group. As value is concerned, one of the hailed precious among the stones that adorn these accessories would be diamond.

The mystifying realm of India was documented to have the first diamond mines back in 800 BC. This brilliant stone was primarily valued for its strength, the ability to engrave metal, and on how it is able to refract light as well. As centuries have passed, these qualities that make diamond one of the most significant stones are still upheld to date. Fortunately, coveting such an exquisite stone nowadays is easier with the onset of accessible artisan jewelry stores like 77 Diamonds in the United Kingdom. Shops such as the aforementioned encourage not only those who are to be betrothed but even single ladies, to have their fix of diamonds that are tailored to their liking.

Personalizing one’s own cocktail ring, bracelet, or even pendant can now be a reality since this modern jewelry shop offers customization menus. A plethora of categories is presented to clients, from finding the perfect size to choosing the metal where the diamonds will be set. Options ranging from rose gold to platinum bases gives one the freedom to acquire their desired design that will suit their needs and their budget. What is even better is that the store also gives patrons the choice to acquire loose diamonds according to one’s preferred cut or color. With diamond shapes like: emerald, oval, cushion, and princess among others; engagement and cocktail rings can appear unique compared to their mass-produced counterparts. And as color grade is concerned, avid diamond fans can be able to satisfy their craving as this English diamond store presents a quintet of rare hues such as red, blue, yellow, gray, and even pink. True enough, jewelry withstands the test of time and trends. And customization of diamond accessories is one art form that showcases it.

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