Sep.Issues 2012

September issues are the pinnacle of fashion magazines becasue of the copious amounts of fresh fall fashion straight off the runways. Every issue is jam packed with the latest and greatest clothing must haves, mind blowing editorials,  and the newest designer campaigns. So will it be Gaga on American Vogue, Gwen Stefani on Harper’s Bazaar, or Katy Perry on Elle … with so many great choices, what will you ever choose this September?

3 responses to “September Issues”

  1. Ceci Rosario says:

    I’m starting a blog about fashion and searched to see if anyone already had the name, and your blog was it! Its ok, first come, first serve. But I believe everything in life happens for a reason, because I found your blog and now I am hooked. You are so in tune with the latest fashion and your taste is amazing! I will be starting a blog similar to yours, but I know it won’t compare…maybe you could look me up in a week or so when I start to get the hang of this blogging thing. BTW, I went out yesterday and bought fabric paint because I was inspired by the shorts that you have on DIY! I’ll post those once they’re done! The name of my blog is CES The Fashion High.

    • Hello Ceci : Your words are so beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your compliments. I am so glad my inspirations have inspired you in some way. I will definitely be checking out CES The Fashion High soon and congratulations on starting your new fashion blog!! It is such a rewarding experience and I know you’ll enjoy every minute.
      Xx Britt

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