The Fashion Drug

After a VERY productive day of men’s suit shopping and wedding party outfitting I too need to do some retail therapy of my own. I’ve been on the hunt for a tiny yet funky business card holder for a minute but haven’t found anything that has really caught my eye, until I remembered Comme Des Garcons special edition metallic collection. I got it in my head that I had to have it and couldn’t stop scouring the internet until it was safely in my shopping cart (it sounds a lot worse when I say it out loud like this, but it’s the truth). Anyway, once I narrowed down the exact style I was after, I must have come across 4 or 5 false alarm sites … sites advertising they had my wallet but as soon as you go to check out it’s “OUT OF STOCK.” I say all of this to say … I got it! I literally ordered the very last Comme Des Garcons Metallic Zip Around wallet in Orange/Green from OTTE !

If you are equally obsessed with this collection, here are some styles that are actually in stock.


PS This collection has been around for a bit so it’s no big surprise it’s SOLD OUT everywhere.

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