Stars and stripes are definitely  a hot commodity this time of year and during a recent shopping trip to Nordstrom I spotted these super cute, super DIY-able Current/Elliott’s  … my inspiration here. After doing some research and gathering some key materials I set off on my DIY adventure.


Star Shorts DIY 4th of July

If you’re doing this at home you will need: A pair of cutoff shorts, fabric paint pen (this is optional), foam brush, fabric paint, paint brush, spray mount, and star stencil. I got all of my supplies from Michaels.

Star Shorts DIY 4th of JulyStar Shorts DIY 4th of July

First things first, lightly spray your stencil with spray mount, especially the area around which you will be stenciling. FYI the spray mount is key in this project – I can’t stress that enough so reapply every so often. After applying the spray mount to the stencil, position it on your denim and make sure its as flat as possible before you start applying the paint.

Star Shorts DIY 4th of July

Once the stencil is in place blot on your paint. I used a paint brush and fabric paint pen in those hard to reach areas then I filled in the rest of the stencil shape with my foam brush.

Star Shorts DIY 4th of July

Ta-da!! The stencil peels off easily leaving a perfect star. Now, step and repeat till they look something like this:

Star Shorts DIY 4th of July

After these babies are dry they’re ready to wear.


TFD_Christopher Kane Shorts

TFD_Christopher Kane ShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShortsTFD_Christopher Kane ShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShorts

Shirt : Erin Wasson x RVCA  | Shorts : DIY’d by Yours Truly | Shoes : Just Fab  | Earrings & Ring : H&M | Bracelets : Lost & Found Forever 21, and Vintage

So I’ve basically been obsessed with these ultra encrusted floral shorts by Christopher Kane for J Brand ever since  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley whore them to this past Coachella. If you don’t recall here’s a little recap to jog your memory click here Anyway, after scouring the interweb to no avail, I couldn’t find these short shorts sold anywhere – so I took matters into my own hands. DIY’ing seemed the most sensible option, so with a little instruction and a whole lot of determination, I just did it. I got some basic instructions from P.S. I Made This but quickly deviated from their how-to, to create something more like the real Christopher Kane’s. The differences between their shorts and mine is that I hand painted my flowers and I glued ultra tiny rhinestones around the extra large rhinestones for that over-the-top embelished look. Now – will the the real Christopher Kane’s PLEAE STAND UP … here’s a look at the shorts coming down the Spring 2012 runway click here and  here

Happy Friday and Happy DIY’ing xx