TFD_Christopher Kane Shorts

TFD_Christopher Kane ShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShortsTFD_Christopher Kane ShortsTFD_ChristopherKaneShorts

Shirt : Erin Wasson x RVCA  | Shorts : DIY’d by Yours Truly | Shoes : Just Fab  | Earrings & Ring : H&M | Bracelets : Lost & Found Forever 21, and Vintage

So I’ve basically been obsessed with these ultra encrusted floral shorts by Christopher Kane for J Brand ever since  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley whore them to this past Coachella. If you don’t recall here’s a little recap to jog your memory click here Anyway, after scouring the interweb to no avail, I couldn’t find these short shorts sold anywhere – so I took matters into my own hands. DIY’ing seemed the most sensible option, so with a little instruction and a whole lot of determination, I just did it. I got some basic instructions from P.S. I Made This but quickly deviated from their how-to, to create something more like the real Christopher Kane’s. The differences between their shorts and mine is that I hand painted my flowers and I glued ultra tiny rhinestones around the extra large rhinestones for that over-the-top embelished look. Now – will the the real Christopher Kane’s PLEAE STAND UP … here’s a look at the shorts coming down the Spring 2012 runway click here and  here

Happy Friday and Happy DIY’ing xx