Floral Button Down: Moods of Norway | Navy Tank Top : Mood of Norway | Grey Skirt : Moods of Norway | Patten Pink Belt : Moods of Norway | Wrist Scarf : Zara | Earrings : Nasty Gal | Choker : Charles Albert | Heels : Salvadore Ferragamo | Bag : MCM

Did you ever think a mens button down could ever look this versatile and sexy? I had so much fun transforming this traditional mens dress shirt into a strapless mini dress, skirt, high-neck top with exposed back, shirt dress, and an off-the-shoulder blouse. I chose to experiment with this beautiful floral shirt from the Moods of Norway SS15 Men’s Collection. This crisp shirt worked so well against my punchy accessories and gold jewelry.

Option 1: The Strapless Mini

This mini will absolutely bring all the boys to the yard! It’s super cute, super feminine and I totally feel like Carrie Bradshaw in this. The method is simple, just button the shirt to where it feels snug around the chest creating a sweetheart neckline and the collar is in the back. Next tie the shirt arms together in the front.

Option 2: The Skirt with Middle Slit

Love this shirt option. Alexander Wang even got in on this action and made his own rendition CLICK HERE. Styling this skirt is easy, just button the shirt around your waist and keep butting until about mid-thigh, then take the sleeves and tie a knot or half bow in front.

Option 3: High-Neck Top

So this high-neck top also known as just being plain backwards, is kinda interesting. I just put the shirt on backwards, took the two corners and tied a knot at the base of my back – leaving the shirt open in the back for an exposed back moment. Finish by “je-ooshing” the sleeves real good.

Option 4: The Shirt Dress

This is pretty much the most standard way to wear a mens button-down as a female. It uses the least creative license but it’s still chic so just belt it and go.

Option 5: Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

This blouse option is really regal and frames the chest beautifully. It’s ideal for a statement necklace centerpiece. The how-to is simple, just put the shirt on as normal then slide it down to where it wraps around your shoulders and secure at the button that feels snug. Only fasten one button and kimono style wrap the shirt ends one on top of the other and tuck them into a skirt or high-wasted pant. Finish by giving the sleeves a good roll.

I hope I forever changed your perspective on this menswear staple and encourage you to try something new!

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